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On Track

Rules - DVLAC Championships


Athletes shall be eligible to compete at recognised Track & Field Championship events ONLY if they meet the attendance criteria set out in Clause 1.2(i) of the LAVic Competition Regulations.
In essence an athlete who wishes to participate in the Centre Track & Field Championship MUST have participated in at least 50% of the available normal Centre competition meetings since their
date of registration. Additionally, the minimum number of competition meetings competed in shall be NOT less than two (2) prior to the closing date of entries. Any event specific qualification
criteria that may be set out in either the LAVic Competition Regulations or the DVLAC Centre Handbook MUST also have been met. A copy of the regulations are available (for viewing only) from
your Club or from the Centre Team Managers.

In addition to the above criteria an athlete must have competed in an event they are entering at Centre Championships at least once during normal DVLAC competition.

The maximum number of events that may be entered by U7 athletes is three (3), U8 athletes is four (4). The maximum number of events that may be entered by U9 U16 athletes is six (6) events.

Only entries received on the prescribed form by the entry closing date will be accepted; emailed entries or bulk entries on blank sheets of paper will not be accepted. Late entries on the prescribed
form accompanied by a late entry fee may be accepted. No changes to entry forms can be made after the closing date. In the case of a late entry no change can be made to the entry after lodgment.

An athlete who arrives at a track event after it has commenced or a field event after their scheduled first throw or jump is not permitted to join the competition. Correct Club uniforms must
be worn (including correct shorts).


In Championships all sprint events will be run on a graded basis.

In Blue graded finals, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters with a blue finalist ribbon for 4th to 8th (or up to 10th where applicable). In other Graded heats,
1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters ribbons will be awarded. The remainder of the competitors will receive a Competitors ribbon from their club.

In all Walk and Field events Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters with a blue finalist ribbon to the remainder.

Competitor ribbons will be issued by Clubs, on the basis of one per athlete, to each athlete in their Club who does not receive a place getter medal, place getter ribbon or a blue finalist ribbon.


Record the time at which the event commenced/completed and ensure the athlete performance and registration number is recorded. Do not cross out/delete athlete names.

A member of the Centre Executive must verify all event records at the time of performance. In the case of High Jump when record attempts are being made a member of the Centre Executive
shall check the measurements both before and after the completion of the trial by the athlete.

Ensure all recording sheets are forwarded to the office for processing within 15minutes (absolute maximum!!!!) of completion of the event.


All protests shall be lodged with the Disputes Committee through the CLUB TEAM MANAGER within 30 minutes of the completion of the event, heat or final. A fee of $100 MUST accompany each and any protest.

The protest fee WILL NOT be refunded if the protest is dismissed or considered to be frivolous/trivial. If the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded in full.

All protests are to be lodged with the Program Manager via the Club's Team Manager(s) ONLY. Any attempt by any parent to lodge a protest by any other means WILL NOT be heard.

The Jury will hear all protests except where a protest involves a child of one of these three people, in which case there will be a substitute.




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