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Club Duty Roster

Club Duty Roster

Bundoora Week E, G Week J Week F Week D Week I, Q
Diamond Creek Week H, O Week A,C, N Week E, L, M Week G, K Week B, F, I, P
Eltham Week F, K Week D, I Week J, P, R Week C, G, H, L, O, Q Week B, C, K, L, M, N
Greenbriar Week J, P Week F, Q Week B, O Week A, D, I, K, M Week C, E, H, L, N
Rosanna Week B, C Week G, R Week A, H, Q Week E, N Week F, K, L, M, P
St. Mary's Week D, N, R Week B, L, M Week C, I Week C, K, Q Week E, H, K, Q
Watsonia United Week L, M Week E, O Week D, K Week B, J, R Week C, H, I, N, P, Q
Yarrambat-Plenty Week A, I, Q Week H, K, P Week G, N Week C, L Week B, E, F, M


Walk Judging: named clubs to provide one official each to support regular officials
Canteen: minimum four assistants required per time block
  one club named - provide 4 assistants
  two clubs named – each club provides 2 assistants
  three clubs named – largest club provides 2 assistants; other clubs provide one each

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