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Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre - what we NEED you to do

Helpers what we NEED you to do

For some parents and those who are new to Little Athletics, becoming familiar with how the Centre works can be a very complex process. It is important to realise that the Centre cannot operate without the support of, and work that is done by, our helpers and officials at various levels of the Little Athletics organisation. The Diamond Valley Centre requires approximately 100 helpers at any one time to be able to conduct all the events successfully each week.

Each Club in the Centre is responsible for a field event, although some of the larger Clubs help out with two events. Each club is also responsible for providing timekeepers, ticket writers, canteen helpers and numerous other roles. The Centre does not expect any person to be an expert or to have any previous experience. However, it is expected that people will help out when required, so that the many tasks to be done each week are done by many, not just a few.

Each club MUST supply a representative number of officials at ALL Region and State Championship events. Region and State officials will be drawn from the pool of parents with children who have been selected to compete at the relevant Championship.

The Centre will provide assistance to all officials and parents who are willing to help the Athletes complete their events. So please join in the Centre’s activities with your children by offering to help each week. At each field event there is a RED INFORMATION BOOK that will assist all officials to conduct the event. If you read this book it will help you to see the job is not as hard as you think.


Helping at a field event, timekeeping, marshalling, recording, writing tickets, Coaching, fundraising, Centre newsletter, computer, social activities, BBQ, Canteen, Duty Clubs, Committees, Championships, programs,
Relays, Region, State, fun events to name some activities.


  • Starting is a challenging job - but very absorbing and rewarding once mastered. The Starter is in total control of all aspects of the start of each event. A good starter needs to be alert at all times and never flustered. The challenge is to ensure that all competitors on the starting line get a fair and equal start.


  • Places children in each event and decides the number of heats according to performance grading sheets.


  • Measures the time from the start of a race until a particular competitor crosses the finish line. Timekeepers are armed with a stopwatch (or a press button for electronic timer) and need to be in line with the finish with a clear view of the starter.
  • The start time is the first sign of smoke from the starter's gun (the sound of the gun takes time to reach the finish line). The finish time is when the competitor's torso, (i.e. not the head, neck, arms or legs) crosses the line.


  • Determines the order in which competitors pass the finish line. Placings are determined by the runner's torso (i.e. not the head, neck, arms or legs) crossing the line. Each judge places first, second etc in order of crossing the line). In weekly Centre programs, judging is often combined with timekeeping.

WALK JUDGE - Walks start at 8:00am

  • To ensure that all rules of walking are adhered to. A Chief Judge is always present to co-ordinate and assist with the judging.

LONG JUMP (4 Officials)

  • Tasks include watching for foul jumps, measuring jumps, recording measurements and marshalling children.


  • Writing the tickets for the athletes is an important task. The Ticket writer records the performance of each child and hands the ticket to the athlete after the event.

DISCUS (4 Officials)

  • Tasks include watching for foul throws, recording measurements, pulling the tape through the centre of circle, finding and marking the point of impact and returning the Discus to the ring.

SHOT PUT (4 Officials)

  • Tasks include watching for a foul Put. Recording measurements, pulling the tape through the centre of circle, finding and marking the point of impact and returning the Shot Put to the ring.

JAVELIN (4 Officials) - Javelin starts at 7:45am

  • Tasks include watching for foul throws, pulling the tape from the throwing area through the sector after finding and marking the point of impact, recording measurements and returning the Javelin to the throwing area.

HIGH JUMP (4 Officials)

  • Tasks include replacing high jump bar, marshalling children, shifting and measuring height of bar.

TRIPLE JUMP (4 Officials)

  • Tasks include watching for foul jumps, measuring jumps, recording measurements, marshalling children and positioning mat.


  • The Recorder records the performances of the athletes on the Recording Sheet so that they can be entered into the computer.


  • The Finish Marshall assists the Timekeepers to keep the children in order when they finish their track events. The children are then taken to the Ticket Writer to receive their tickets.


  • Six to eight people to stand at checkpoints on the course to ensure everyone completes the full course as mapped and laid out.


  • To act as guides and carers for the U6 to U8 age groups to ensure they complete the full course safely.


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