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Diamond Valley Little Athletics Centre - Things You Need To Know

Parents: Things You Need To Know


  • Athletes who misbehave may be sent back to their Club and disqualified from the event and further participation. Respect must be shown for all athletes, officials and parents

COACHING & TRAINING (Centre based):

  • Centre Training for Region & State athletes is held each Sunday between 9:30am and 11:00am at Willinda Park, Greensborough (with a break during Holidays) commencing October 24, 2010.


  • Each Club conducts their own Training sessions. These sessions are only available to Little Athletes registered with that club. Refer to the 'Clubs' page for more details on each clubs training times.


  • The Centre and LAVic have Codes of Conduct for Athletes, Officials and Parents. These can be found on this site, and in the Parent Handbook received at Registration. The Centre will take appropriate action where these codes are breached.


  • Any complaint and/or protest about any result or action of any official in relation to any event MUST be submitted to your CLUB Team Manager in the first instance. Direct protests or complaints to officials during the course of a program will not be heard unless they are received from an authorized CLUB Team Manager.


  • For the safety and convenience of all, dogs are not permitted at Willinda Park on competition days.


  • Boys and girls who have reached the age of five (5) and are or will be under the age of sixteen (16) as at the 1st of October are eligible for registration.


  • The Centre may hold a number of fundraising activities during the season to help cover the costs of running the Centre. The Clubs may also hold fundraising activities on an alternating basis. We hope that everybody will be able to support these ventures, as part of the fun of Little Aths.


  • Little Athletics has policies covering healthy eating, smoke free, sun protection and alcohol management. These policies can be found on this site, and in the Parent Handbook received at Registration.


  • All parents and guardians are expected to assist with the running of weekly programs.
  • Each club MUST supply a number of officials at ALL Region and State Championship events proportional to their representation.
  • Region and State officials will be drawn from the pool of parents with children who have been selected to compete at the relevant Championship.


  • All athletes, officials and helpers are covered by insurance whilst participating in all authorized Little Athletics activities. Excess applies. Further information available through the Centre Secretary.


  • Should be handed into or be claimed from your Club Team Manager. All clothing should have YOUR CHILD'S name firmly affixed, particularly to tracksuits. A box is also in the Equipment Room for property left lying around the ground.


  • Club Team Managers meet at 8:10am on Saturday programs and at 5:45pm on Friday programs.
  • Centre meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Willinda Park commencing 8pm.


  • Is supplied to competitors, officials and spectators each program day as required. First Aid is provided by trained St John Ambulance officers and is available in the First Aid room in the pavilion. The Centre pays St John Ambulance to be in attendance each week.


  • The Centre Newsletter is produced on a regular basis. Make sure you get your copy to keep up to date with what's happening. Clubs should submit all news items to the Newsletter Editor by the Tuesday evening before each scheduled weekly program.


  • Parents are expected to be in attendance at all times. Neither Centre nor Club committee members should be expected to supervise or mind your child awaiting your return.
  • Parent involvement is a critical requirement in Little Athletics. Without sufficient numbers of parents helping run the various programs and events there would be NOTHING to offer YOUR CHILD.
  • If YOU ARE NOT prepared to help out with various duties when asked please take yourself and your child to another sport! We need to be able to count on YOUR SUPPORT to ensure activities can be provided for YOUR CHILD.


  • An athlete who wishes to participate in Track & Field Championship events at Centre, Region or State level MUST have participated in at least 50% of the available normal Centre competition meetings since their date of registration. Additionally, the minimum number of competition meetings competed in shall be NOT less than two (2) prior to the closing date of entries. Any event specific qualification criteria set out in either the LAVic Competition Regulations or the DVLAC Centre Handbook MUST also have been met. This criteria is consistent with the LAVic Competition Regulations.
  • In addition to the above criteria, parents of athletes wishing to participate in Track & Field Championship events at Centre, Region or State level MUST officiate at these events otherwise entries will not be accepted. (Also refer Parent Involvement above).


  • Track Events - Automatic Timing is used in the front straight and manual timing in the back straight.
  • Field Events - Record criteria shall generally be in accordance with the current LAVic Competition Regulations. A member of the Centre Executive must verify all field event records. In the case of High Jump; when record attempts are being made a member of the centre executive shall check the measurements both before and after the completion of the trial by the athlete.


  • Competitors must not report for events until their age group has been called over the PA system.


  • The Centre records YOUR child's achievements each week. These achievements are the basis for the selection of children for the Region Relays, Track & Field Heats and Centre Championship gradings.
  • An Interclub point score table is maintained throughout the season. Points are allotted based on each athlete's achievements in the event(s) in which they compete.
  • Awards are made to the leading Clubs in each age group, at the end of the season. In laned events children are graded according to their personal performance. This ensures that all children are running against others of comparable ability.
  • Most clubs also maintain separate point score systems for determining their respective annual Club age group awards.


  • Clubs MUST ensure their venue(s) is/are ready for use 30 minutes before the day's program is scheduled to commence.
  • Athletes MUST register with their Club no later than 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the day's program before being allowed to compete on the day.
  • Javelin starts at 7:45am and Walks at 8:00am (sharp!!!)


  • All competitors must be registered, properly attired in their official club uniform and wearing their registration tag and IGA badge when they report to the venue.
  • Any athlete who shows up for an event without the approved club uniform, IGA badge and their registration tag attached to their uniform will be told they will not have their performance recorded by the Centre, even if a record is broken.
  • Venue recorders must highlight on recording sheets and the athlete's performance ticket that they competed Out Of Uniform (OOU) so Centre and club recorders know not to allocate points or performances to that athlete.


  • The Centre conducts Working Bees during the Season. Each club MUST provide two (2) reps at each Working Bee. Clubs who fail to supply 2 reps will be fined $25. You only have to put in 2 hours and the more that attend the easier it is on everyone. Dates and times will be advised in the Newsletter.



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